How to Cook Everything Vegetarian Press

Many of the reviews of How to Cook Everything contain mentions of How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, its sister app. Please refer to the HTCE Press Page.

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MacLife: "This cookbook is the ultimate option for vegetarians, even in hardcover form. The book has thousands of recipes and tips, and the app makes the experience even better. This awesome resource is now fully searchable and gets periodic updates, taking the book to a whole new level. It's a must download for both vegetarians and vegans."

appPicker: "Nothing can be worse than a vegan or vegetarian looking for organic chow at 1 in the morning! Thankfully, there’s this app!

  • Hears your vegan prayers loud and well enough.
  • Very convenient to use.
  • Be glad to know that you won’t have to settle for boiled potatoes in your life ever again.
  • Tasty recipes."

Press Materials

Interested in reading press materials for this app? They are here:

The Press Release for the app launch.

A Press Kit of images and icons from the app.


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