• Go greener

    Mark Bittman's straightforward, spot-on cooking advice, paired with 2,000 of his tried and true recipes, make this app an indispensable tool for the vegetarian cook—or any cook, for that matter.

  • Navigate with ease

    From the home screen, you can easily access—via search or browsing—all of the vast amount of content. Or narrow it down to the featured recipes, Bittman's favorite 100, suggested menus, or cooking tips with voiceovers.

  • Incredible variety

    While all of the recipes are good to go, some of them have one or more variations, which means you can tailor dinner to your tastes for the day.

  • Shopping is a snap

    Add ingredients from any recipe—or several recipes—to a presorted shopping list; arrange the list to your liking; and print it out to take with you—or email it to your shopping helper.

  • App magic

    Nice touches abound—like a screen lock that prevents your tablet from dimming as you cook; preset, built-in timers; and a page where you can make permanent notes next to recipes.

  • No one does it better

    If you're looking to expand your kitchen know-how, look to Mark Bittman. And if vegetarian food is what you'd like to cook more of, this brilliant app is a must-have.

Delicious food, no meat

Like How to Cook Everything—Mark Bittman's seminal book and app—How to Cook Everything Vegetarian is packed with 2,000 delicious and uncomplicated—and in this case, meatless—recipes, along with plenty of sage cooking advice. Compatible with iPad® and available on the App Store, this beautiful app is an invaluable tool for any cook—beginner or advanced—looking to eat less meat and more of everything else.

"Recipes that taste this good aren't supposed to be so healthy. Mark Bittman makes being a vegetarian fun."

Dr. Mehmet Oz, coauthor of You: The Owner's Manual

What's in the app?