Recipe of the Day is a subscription-based app. When you download the base app, you'll receive, for free, four weeks of recipes: Those from the previous two weeks and, in time, those for the next two weeks. Recipes arrive on Monday for the entire week. Following the initial download, after the successive two Mondays, you will receive no new updates until you subscribe to the app. Instructions for subscribing are in the app.

Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you need additional assistance, feel free to email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

I subscribed to the app, but I don't see any additional recipes. Why not?
First of all, thanks for joining the Williams-Sonoma Recipe of the Day club. Now, about what you may see differently in the app now that you are a subscriber: Subscription updates happen on Mondays around noon, so you may not have access to additional new recipes until the next update. But, now that you are subscribed, the Calendar view in the app lets you see names of upcoming recipes (not yet live on the app) for at least the next month or so.
Where's my app? I downloaded it, but I can't seem to find it now.
There are several possibilities. To test, run the App Store app on the iPad, tap the Updates button at the bottom of the screen, and review the list of purchased apps. If Recipe of the Day is there and has an OPEN button next to it, then it is on the device. (Perhaps you didn't see it on a secondary screen?) If Recipe of the Day is listed as purchased but has a cloud/download button next to it, then you do indeed own a copy, but it is not on this device: Tap the cloud icon to install it here. Finally, if Recipe of the Day is not listed in your purchased apps, then you haven't downloaded the base app through this account. Verify the account to which this iPad is connected: Go to the Settings app and review the iTunes & App Store section.
I'm not sure whether I subscribed or not. How can I find out?
Go to Manage your auto-renewing subscriptions, a page on the Apple website that explains how to manage this and other subscriptions.
Is there a version of the app available for Android?
Not yet. We understand that there are Android users who would like the Recipe of the Day app for their devices. We can't promise anything at this point, but we are continuing to monitor sales trends and opportunities on Android.