Much information about the Joy of Cooking app is located in the app itself: Please explore the Help Overlays (in the iPad version), which you both invoke and dismiss by tapping the large question mark at the top of the screen, then tap the blue flags for additional information. The Guide to the App, available in the auxiliary menu at the top left of the screen on iPad, or in the info menu on the top right of the iPhone, thoroughly explains the app.

Also, please read through the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you need additional assistance, feel free to email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I dismiss the blue help flags from the iPad screen?
To dismiss the Help Overlay, banish it the same way you invoked it: by tapping the large question mark at the top of the screen.
Where's the app? I can't find it after purchasing it (or after redeeming a gift code).
There are several possibilities. To test, run the App Store app on the iPad or iPhone, tap the Purchased button at the bottom of the screen, and review the list of purchases. If JOY is there and has an OPEN button by it, then it is on this device. (Perhaps you didn't see it on a secondary screen?) If JOY is listed in purchases but has a cloud/download button next to it, then you do indeed own a copy, but it is not on this device: Tap the cloud icon to install it here. Finally, if JOY is not listed in your purchased apps, then you haven't purchased the app (or redeemed the gift code) through this account. You should verify the account to which this iPad is connected: Go to the Settings app and review the iTunes & App Store section.
What version of the book is this app based on?
The app is based on the the most recent, 2006, print edition of the Joy of Cooking. Starting with the content from that edition, numerous changes were made for the app: hundreds of recipes were expanded to be more usable (freed from the page-count constraints of the book); over 700 photos were added; recipes and reference material were reorganized for easy-access; corrections were made; recipes were tagged and classifed for ease of searching; and much more.
How much of the print book is in the app?
All of the material from the 1,132-page print book is in the app. Some of the material appears in different form: instead of the index, for instance, all of the material in the app is searchable by keyword. As mentioned above, in fact, much of the material from the book appears in the app in expanded form.
Is there a version of the app available for Android?
Not yet. We understand that there are Android users who would like the Joy of Cooking for their devices. We can't promise anything at this point, but we are continuing to monitor sales trends and opportunities on Android.
I already purchased the book. Can I get a copy of the app for free?
Thank you for being a loyal JOY fan! While we wish there were a way, both logistically and financially, to make this work, we don't have a solution at this time. We will remind you, however, that the app, at a fraction of the price of the book, contains all of the material of the book, and much more besides. So you might consider the app as an inexpensive upgrade to the book—with headers and a turbocharger, perhaps—one that you can search instantly and carry with you wherever you go. And by purchasing the app, you will help to pay the salaries of the team that spent more than three years to convert the book into an app.
How can I get more information about the Joy of Cooking cookbook?
Please read the Introduction by John Becker and 75 Years of Joy: A History within the app, and then head over to the Joy Kitchen for a trove of additional information about the book.