• Everyone's best-loved cookbook

    Joy of Cooking is historically the first cookbook in any kitchen; now it's the must-have app for any cook. Trusted and tested, JOY has given generations of Americans the confidence they need to prepare delicious, nutritious food.

  • A hard-working kitchen reference

    Everything in the most recent edition of JOY is here—thousands of recipes and reference items, and the detailed Know Your Ingredients and Cooking Methods and Techniques sections. Plus, photos!

  • Recipes and features that work for you

    Recipes are at the heart of JOY, and we've placed them front and center in this app. Each recipe is displayed in the classic JOY style and can be bookmarked or marked as a favorite; added to a calendar; or printed or emailed.

  • Planning and shopping made easy

    With one tap you can add a recipe to a menu or add all of its ingredients to a shopping list. Sort those lists to your preference, and create multiple shopping lists or menus; email or print them.

  • Get the most out of cooking with iPad and iPhone

    The app is loaded with features like Sleep Block, to prevent your iPad from dimming as you cook; built-in timers on recipes; and voice software so you can tell the app to move to the next recipe step—and the app can read that step aloud to you.

  • A kitchen reference for cooks everywhere

    Whether you want to carve a turkey, mix a Negroni, make Blackberry Jelly, or create just about anything else in your kitchen, the JOY app will set you up with plenty of detailed how-to information—and the recipes to go along with it.

A new generation of Joy

Cooks everywhere have relied on the venerable Joy of Cooking for its tried-and-true recipes, its friendly authority, and the breadth and depth of its content. Now the JOY app, compatible with iPad® and iPhone® and available on the App Store, gives you all of that at your fingertips—in an elegantly simple, easy-to-search, all-inclusive format.

"Now, as my wife, Megan, and I become the fourth generation to update and maintain the family cookbook, I welcome you to the first digital version of JOY."

John Becker

What's in the app?

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