Frequently Asked Questions

How many cupcake designs come with the app?
Ten designs are built in to the base version of the app, but you can purchase additional designs in packs of two to round out your collection.
The designs look tricky. Will I really be able to make them?
You will! Some of the cupcakes are more difficult that others, but the technique videos are very thorough and show you how to get through the tough spots.
Would my kids like this app? Is it designed for youngsters?
We're betting yes—if your kids like cupcakes they will like this app, and they might get an especially big kick out of the animation videos that go along with each design. It's an all-ages app.
Is this more of a how-to app or more of an entertainment app?
Honestly, it's both. We encourage you to download the app (it's free!) to see what parts you like. You may become a cupcake whiz—or you might just have fun watching the animations. It's all good!

More questions?

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